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"The Fruity Pebbles tart was AMAZING. The Fruity Pebbles pairs flawlessly with the fresh fruits and the filling provides a creamy balance that pulls it all together.
The S’mores cookies were drool worthy... rich chocolate flavor with the perfect combination of crunchy and gooey goodness... 100% would recommend!! Almost didn’t share the rest of them, but figured I’d be doing a disservice to the community by not giving my friends an opportunity to experience these!"

-Alexa, November 2019

"I LOVE how Jules’ treats are packed with so much “junk” (aka the best) ingredients because it makes me stop and really think, taste, & enjoy the treat instead of just eat it fast because it’s sweet. Her treats have layers of flavor profiles you can tell are well thought-out and are like nothing you’d be able to just go and buy at a store. 

Not only do I LOVE the creativity of her treats, but they always taste delicious and leave you feeling like you just ate something made with love."

-Julie, October 2019


"The Blondies are sooooo good! Love salty with sweet, would totally recommend :)" 

-Molly, October 2019

"We orders a s'mores cake for my daughter's third birthday and it was decadent! Our guests couldn't believe how delicious it was. We'll definitely be ordering all of our holiday desserts from Junk Jules"

-Amy, June 2019

"Those s'mores cookies are addicting!"

-Erik, November 2019

"The best cookie I've ever had!"

-Karen, November 2019

"I could eat the Junkaroos frosting with literally anything!"

-Alicia, February 2020

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